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Join the Treasury Executive Dialogue on 10th November 2022 and help create innovative solutions that support business growth and encourage employee upskilling.


Years of conversations with our advisory board, partners, and the wider community at The Global Treasurer, have led to the creation of a dedicated, content-first lead generation platform. 

Our goals are to: 

  1. Tackle the challenges and opportunities the Treasury industry is facing in 2022 and beyond 
  2. Fuel experts, peers and Treasury leaders with the right strategies and connections to succeed 
  3. Enable partners to reach the right audience and support them in forging the future of Treasury 


Gain Excellent Lead Quality 

  • Access a pre-qualified audience made up of Global Treasurer, AccountancyAge and Financial Director’s 1000+ senior decision-makers 
  • Enhance your lead qualification by mapping attendee’s demographics and main business challenges against your target criteria 
  • Get insights about your top prospective leads by receiving on-site interactions with your content 
  • Help shape the Executive Dialogue schedule by supplying thought leadership that prompts attendees to engage with your brand 
  • Work on creating a custom lead generation plan with help from your personal Customer Success Representative and Content Producer


Get Leads Delivered from a Targeted Audience 

  • Use your Executive Dialogue analytics from your Lead Dashboard to shape powerful lead qualification 
  • Kickstart the building of strong relationships by receiving your top leads within 48-hours after the Treasury Executive Dialogue ends 
  • Empower your sales team to create and send hyper-personalised follow-ups based on intricate lead profiles, key interaction areas, and top touchpoints 


Showcase Your Expertise Internationally 

  • Accelerate your lead qualification with pre-recorded Lightning Talks that inform and engage your target audience  
  • Share and exchange knowledge to help create successful solutions for enhancing roles, careers and businesses 
  • Use your thought leadership Content Hub to track engagements with your uploaded reports, sales demos, whitepapers and other types of content 
  • Enable industry leaders, experts and peers to continue finding solutions by fostering community collaboration 
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