2021 Vision


In 2021, the world will strive to recover from the global carnage that COVID-19 has left behind. The businesses still standing will incorporate hard-earned lessons into strategies and hope to finally make the shift from mere survival to growth.

However, as if a post-pandemic recovery was not a big enough challenge, businesses will also have to tackle the consequences of a no-deal BREXIT as well as preparing for the transition away from LIBOR.

As the guardians of liquidity, the vital role the treasury function plays in business is indisputable. The treasury function holds the key to the business insights that can unlock the value and agility in resource allocation which will make the difference between business’ mere survival or in fact growth.

2020 will leave a profound and lasting impact on the world. However, crisis is a hotbed for creativity and forward-thinking CFOs and CEOs will work in close collaboration with their treasury functions to build the bold strategies required to succeed in a new economy.

Join the Treasury Leaders Virtual Summit where we bring together the forward-thinking finance leaders who have the vision and tenacity to take the reins and come back fighting!

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